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That’s us. An international shipping service for online shopping that has a greeting as a name. Just as online shopping is a joyful experience, we want to make shipping the same. With simplified solutions, real-time tracking systems and groundbreaking tech-enabled processes that ensure shipping from the U.S., in the most seamless way possible. And it’s possible because Hii is from Fetchr, the last word in Last-Mile Delivery logistics.

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Free membership

No membership fee, no set up cost, just sign up and you’re in. Hii!

Competitive prices

We too are the same! So we charge per 100 grams, which leads to lower rates

Shipping protection

We have your back covered! Hii Secure insures against damage or loss of shipment from USD 100 up to USD 2500 or its equivalent. Read more

Contactless payments

Stay safe with Hii contactless payments based on leading industry-standard online payment technology

Customer experience

Human and BOT support provides the ultimate customer experience

Perfume services

With Hii Fragrance, your favorite perfumes and fragrances handled like a boss. Hugo Boss that is. Read more

Addressing at your fingertips

Use the Hii chrome desktop extension to copy your U.S. shipping address in real-time to your favorite online stores.

Google Chrome browser is required to install hii extension

Enhanced shipping protection

Want peace of mind on all your international shopping purchases? Opt-in for Hii Secure, and if something unexpected happens during shipping, we have you covered.

Learn More about Hii secure.

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One of the most competitive international shipping rates available. Sales tax-free shopping in the U.S.

Shipping rate excludes any local taxes and customs fees.

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On track, every time

Enter your order tracking number

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We’ve got all your questions covered.

Example 1

When the shopping website provides TWO address lines, your hii User ID can be placed in the Address line 2. The main address can be placed in Address line 1, as per standard forms.

Example 2

When the shopping websites provides ONE address line, your hii User ID can be placed in the Last Name field. The main address can be placed in Address line 1, as per standard forms. Your hii account number can be found in your profile.

Use your exclusive hii ZIP code when shopping on all your favorite U.S online webstores, and everything you purchase and ship internationally is sales tax-free.

The average delivery time for the hii service is 7-10 days from the time of receipt into the hii Miami warehouse facility. The hii service has a greater focus on offering the best delivery price in the market vs. the fastest delivery time. The hii process is safe and steady, at a price point affordable by everyone.

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